Ramair Intakes & Filters Now Available at MPP

1st Jul 2023

Ramair Intakes & Filters Now Available at MPP

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Ramair Performance Filtration parts at My Performance Parts. We have a huge supply from Stock of all the popular parts from the famous VAG Induction Kits to the popular drop in Panel Filters..

We have written a shot blog post about Ramair if you already don't know who there and what they do.

Ramair UK: The Leading Air Filtration Specialist

Ramair is a leading air filtration specialist with a motorsport heritage stretching back to 1981. The company is based in the UK and has a team of experienced engineers and technicians who are dedicated to developing and manufacturing high-performance air filters and induction kits.

Ramair's products are used by a wide range of automotive enthusiasts, from weekend tinkerers to professional racers. The company's range of products includes:

  • Performance air filters: These filters are designed to improve airflow to the engine, resulting in increased power and performance.
  • Induction kits: These kits replace the factory airbox with a more efficient unit, which can also improve power and performance.
  • Cold air intakes: These kits direct cold air from outside the engine bay to the air filter, which can help to improve engine performance.
  • Oil breathers: These kits help to prevent oil vapour from entering the intake system, which can help to improve engine performance and durability

Here are some of the benefits of using Ramair products:

  • Improved performance: Ramair's products can help to improve engine performance by increasing airflow to the engine.
  • Increased power: Ramair's products can help to increase engine power by providing a more efficient air intake system.
  • Better fuel economy: Ramair's products can help to improve fuel economy by reducing the amount of air resistance in the intake system.
  • Longer engine life: Ramair's products can help to prolong engine life by preventing dirt and debris from entering the engine.
  • Peace of mind: Ramair's products are backed by a satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure that you are getting a quality product.

If you are looking for a way to improve the performance and reliability of your car, then Ramair range of products are a great option. Ramair products are made with high-quality materials and are designed to last.

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If you're interested in learning more about Ramair Filters or you are ready to order, check out our full range of parts on our website CLICK HERE or give our specialist team a call on 0330 0433 248