DTE Systems PedalBox Pro (WIRELESS) - Throttle Tuning & Anti-Theft Device - Gas Pedal Tuning

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PedalBox Pro - The throttle tuning for more driving fun


Start faster, accelerate better and overtake more confidently

For Petral & Diesel Vehicles

The PedalBox is the original throttle response controller from DTE Systems. The throttle tuning optimises the accelerator pedal characteristic curve and thus improves acceleration by up to +10% for all vehicles with electronic accelerator pedals - regardless of whether petrol, diesel, hybrids or electric cars. With the PedalBox Pro Remote, the PedalBox can be operated wirelessly and easily stored on the keychain. At the same time, it can also be operated at any time with your own smartphone. Thanks to the simple installation, the PedalBox is installed on the throttle in no time at all and is immediately ready for use.

NEW: PedalBox Pro, even more safety, even better acceleration

  • Start up faster, accelerate better
  • With remote control and app control
  • 5 driving modes with 7 individual settings each
  • Save fuel in Eco mode
  • Now with immobiliser and Limit mode

Now also available for hybrids and e-cars

Configure your PedalBox now!

Individual driving fun with 5 driving modes and 2 Pro Features

Pure Racing in Sport Plus mode
The SPORT PLUS mode features optimised throttle response across the entire rev range. A more aggressive response that pulls you ahead on the track.
More power in Sport mode
The SPORT mode already significantly increases throttle response and is suitable for most driving situations. The engine responds more spontaneously: A real plus in dynamics, which the driver feels especially during overtaking manoeuvres.
Starting without delay in city traffic
The CITY mode is perfectly designed for stop-and-go in city traffic. It ensures an improved throttle response in the low rev range.
Save fuel in Eco mode
The ECO mode saves fuel on every journey. To do this, the programme reduces fuel consumption by limiting aggressive and sporty acceleration. The response behaviour is programmed for economical consumption. The PedalBox saves even more fuel in combination with the PowerControl.
Pro Feature: More safety for all riders in Limit Mode
drivers. With Limit mode, novice driver in the family or hotel employees can always be sure of safety and control when valet parking and while driving, especially in powerful vehicles with a lot of traction in the throttle.

Therefore, the programme reduces the throttle response and limits the opening of the throttle cap up to a certain point. To achieve this, the maximum position of the throttle can be set individually. Approx. 20% (suitable for city traffic/valet parking), 50% (standard setting) or 80% (prevents strong acceleration).
Pro Feature: Protect your vehicle with the immobiliser
Secure your vehicle additionally with the PedalBox and prevent theft by third parties and Keyless Go override. Every start is only released by the PedalBox when your associated PedalBox Remote or paired mobile phone is within range.

At the same time, PedalBox protects you from the well-known security gap of Keyless Go. Many vehicle types make it easy for thieves to override your car key. PedalBox does not offer thieves this possibility and thus additionally secures your vehicle against theft.

Easy installation with PerfecTune

The PedalBox is installed in just a few steps: The two original PedalBox plugs are connected to the electronic accelerator pedal in the vehicle. After installation, the PedalBox is immediately ready for use. Thanks to the supplied bracket, the PedalBox is always placed within reach of the driver. With the enclosed adhesive pads, the PedalBox can be easily fixed and, e.g. when changing the vehicle, removed again without leaving any residue. With the accelerator tuning, driving fun is only a button press away.
The PedalBox Pro Basis can be easily installed under the side footwell trim and thus fits invisibly into the vehicle interior.
For even more individual accelerator pedal tuning, the PedalBox can be individually tuned to the respective vehicle. This is made possible by the new feature of the PedalBox with the integrated auto-calibration PerfecTune.

All you have to do is select one of the three driving programmes: City, Sport or Sport-Plus. After that, the PedalBox can automatically and self-learningly adapt to any vehicle by moving the accelerator pedal individually from 0 to 100 percent.
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How does the PedalBox work?

Most vehicles are equipped with a "drive-by-wire" system. The acceleration is generated here - and many people are not aware of this - by an electrical signal instead of the tried and tested Bowden cable. This system is called ECT or ECM. However, these systems often suffer from a strong signal delay, which the PedalBox can compensate for perfectly. This way, the full potential is available to the vehicle - immediately.

The curves illustrate the speeds at which the engine reacts to the driver as soon as he operates the accelerator. It is not about the power a vehicle has, but how long it takes to release it to its full extent.

The latest DSP technology

Accelerator tuning with the PedalBox is controlled by state-of-the-art DSP technology with the latest high-performance microprocessors. An even more precise and faster signal transmission with an increased processing speed ensures an optimal tuning result. With the new features, the PedalBox Pro is currently the most modern, powerful and individual accelerator tuning from DTE. The current generation will continue the success story of our accelerator tuning.
Already in City mode (purple), the vehicle's responsiveness is significantly improved.

At the push of a button, the driver has two further programmes at his disposal: Sport (orange) and Sport-Plus (red) for a more powerful start and sporty overtaking.

Also on display is the reduction in throttle response in Eco mode (Green). This reduces aggressive acceleration and thus saves fuel.

The throttle curve (blue) describes the manufacturer's pre-programmed characteristic. When driving on slippery roads due to ice, snow or heavy rain, the PedalBox can be switched off and the vehicle is then in standard mode.

Let yourself be excited for driving fun!

Modifying the values set by the manufacturer therefore has advantages. This is also shown by the positive PedalBox experiences of our customers. DTE accelerator tuning therefore meets customer expectations and engine potential. The often delayed throttle response of modern engines has disappeared, while retaining the standard engine control.